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System:Compatible with iPad . Requires iOS 3.2 or later


Interactive Elementary is proud to introduce My Editing Buddy, the word processor built specifically for the elementary school classroom.

With My Editing Buddy, the emerging writer has a simple, user-friendly interface to create documents. But this application is far more than a word processor. It is a means for children to share, collaborate, and learn fundamental editing skills.

After students complete their drafts in the word processor, they submit their documents to the sharing network or pass their iPad to a peer or teacher. Within editing mode, the peer or teacher places editing symbols and sticky notes over the text of the document, providing important feedback to the document's author.

When the document is retrieved, the author can swipe between two screen views, the original working document and its edited version. He or uses the information provided by the editor to shape the rough copy into a revised, published masterpiece.

The magical property of My Editing Buddy is its power to transform what students once found to be a dull process into a wonderfully engaging and interactive learning experience.

** Interactive Elementary – at the intersection of technology and hands-on learning.

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